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Three of Clubs Karma Card

Three of ClubsThree of Clubs Karma Card suggests the intellectual creativity and versatility. You are likely to have many interests or be involved in the pursuit of knowledge. This card is an indicator of a gift with words, whether through presenting your ideas or writing. As a positive 3, you will be fortunate in speculative matters, investing, gambling and taking chances in general. You will have many lucky opportunities with your friends, who are most eager to assist you in every way. Your luck is derived from your positive, outgoing attitude, which induces people to want to help you. You should avoid occupations that keep you confined in close quarters or demand long hours of isolation because you need to move around and express yourself to do your best work and be happy.

A negative Three of Clubs does everything in a big way-eating, drinking, loving and living. You can be too self-indulgent, and extravagance could be your downfall. You tend to overact and exaggerate situations, turning mole-hill problems into mountains. Friendships will then be superficial. You may try to avoid responsibility and live just for a moment. Too much talk may make you a gossip.

Learn not to spread yourself too thin, which is a natural trap to fall into, with your many talents and interests. You should master at least one skill.

Three of Clubs Quotes

Stephen King “I think that we're all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better - and maybe not all that much better after all.” - Stephen King

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Virgo, Leo
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Three is the number of Trinity. Threes want to be loved. They inhibit the creative drive that seeks expression. Number 3 departure from the Number 2 - the source of balance and harmony, and so it's always looking to find this balance in creating something new. There is an urge in self expression and variety. Talkative and highly communicative, Threes can relate to many different cultures and concepts due to the flexibility hidden in this number. Music, arts are excellent outlets of Threes creativity. The biggest challenge of all Threes is uncertainty. Easily getting bored, they can move from one job to another, switch projects and lovers. The high creative force of Threes can lead them either happiness or unhappiness. One who understands his or her goals and a makes a major decision in life, who follows it directly and straight up without worry and uncertainty, achieves heights other numbers can only dream about. The number Three (3) is the closest number to the Source, but the Light may become a Dynamite when there is deviation and the pursuit of temptation.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Clubs correspond with our school years, the Summer season, the element Air - the functioning mind of man. Clubs are the guardians of intelligence and rule all mental processes, all psychological reactions, all communications, and messages. They argue, debate, spread the news, investigate, record. Clubs rule all forms of education, legal matters, literature and journalism. If your birthday identifies you as a Club, your prime asset is your mind. People who born as Clubs are interested in ideas and ways of communication. They are looking for truth - in and out. They strive to know facts, details and reasons behind anything happen in life. This vital search for knowledge give them the quality of a "thinker". They are able to counteract their emotions and feeling and solve any issue in an effective and rational manner. Clubs are very active and aggressive especially when they want to express their ideas and thoughts. Their prime weapon in life is their mind, and someone attacking their ideas may become the greatest enemy. You will do well in occupations which provide you with opportunity to share your knowledge, mental power with others - such as teaching, law, writing and counseling.
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