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Four of Hearts Birth Card

Four of HeartsOut of all birthdays, Four is among the most fortunate. It gives them a wonderful start - with protection, security, sufficiency, but like with any other card how we use our potential is what creates our success in life. Four of Hearts are builders and founders of Love. They are to build their security on love for their fellow man if they may hope for love in their lives. Four is also a number of the Emperor. Fours must be in command of every situation that arises. They are dealing with practical applications of love, and they have the power to glorify it.

Love is the ruling motive of the life - love that is raised to the plane of idealism, beautifully build on the foundation of a good judgment. If family ties are not strong and the emotional life is not satisfactory, it would seem that people born the Four Of Hearts have only themselves to blame. Need for people involvement is high as well as friendly and harmonious relationships are essential to happiness. Combination of desire to express the idealist concept of love and the creative urge for self-expression might inspire Four Of Hearts to write, compose and sing about love. There is a strong attraction for the theatre - and even with, but a small amount of talent, a measure of success is assured.

All Four of Hearts have a gift of healing. Along with personal magnetism, they can make an exceptional doctor and spiritual healers.

Four of Hearts have a strong sense of fairness and justice, tolerance, and understanding. These desirable qualities combined with their natural mental balance make them good judges and counselors, leaders and directors.

Four Of Hearts usually acquire the awareness of financial values early in life. There is usually a good financial background and rarely any actual lack in their childhood.

They want financial security and freedom of using money early in life. Are interested in quick turnovers and speedy returns from any investment. Mistakes in investments, especially real estate are rarely made. They can benefit greatly from dealing with groups and organizations; employees are cooperative and faithful.

Four Of Hearts fond of entertainment - usually high-class. They are good entertainers themselves and love to make others happy which makes them excellent hosts. They often inclined to spend considerable amount of time dancing, going to theaters and art shows. Even they may appear somewhat conservative; Four Of Hearts are emotionally dynamic and want amusement and diversion. Their exceptional personal magnetism can significantly contribute to success in politics and show-business. They must be careful with their tendency to over-socialize so it will not negatively impact their health or their pocketbook.

The pitfall for Four of Hearts is self-satisfaction. They should never ask: "What is this person, or this project do for me?" but rather, "What can I put into it?". They have so much to give, and if they do realize it, their satisfaction in accomplishment is based upon the amount of their giving.
Cs Lewis
This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted. - Cs Lewis
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Four of Hearts Birthdays


Four represents Enclosure, Completion, Foundation. It is symbol of Earth, the 4th element. Fours are here to build a firm foundation, to labor with concentration and secure the right to work out their patterns of freedom from any obstacles - poverty, heartache and failure. Fours are very down-to-earth, good grounded people. Four is associated with home, stability, security, contentment, a good supply of things needed in life. Protection is Four's birth right. All dreams will be fulfilled, if the Four is willing to work for things in his or her life. Security is another keyword for number Four. Building a perfect secure environment, at work or at home is the natural desire of all Fours. Four's perseverance applied to job to be done, or gaining their objectives, organizational skills and productivity make Fours most of the beneficial people in the community. Fours are very detailed and organized, and might appear too stubborn and overly critical to someone with a perceiving personality. The qualities of number 4 can be best described as a "Judgmental" personality type in psychology.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Hearts correspond with our childhood - Spring season, the element Fire, the Youth and Love. Hearts represent early association with family and friends, first love. As a Fire, Hearts are able to sacrifice for country, family, friend, cause. Hearst rule art, music, poetry, any pursuit of beauty in any form. Hearts signify emotions. They rule closest relationships: parent-child, love, marriage, friendship. People who born under the influence of Hearts suit act and look very young. They are opt to be dramatic and entertaining. They are very romantic, idealistic in love, and highly sensitive. Hearts make the most affectionate lovers and friends. Their sensual nature can make them among the greatest artists, poets and musicians.
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