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King of Diamonds Karma Card

King of DiamondsThe King of Diamonds governs all material "substance." As a Karma card, it may teach the Seven of Spades person true definition of Values as all material matter is the subordinate to spiritual. Until the lesson is learned, this Karma card gives material trouble, physical and financial. The King makes this task more rigorous than usual. The Seven of Spades is provided with a spiritual gift of intuition and inspiration, and they certainly have the power to apprehend the priority of spirituality. Nevertheless, many of them are living very close to the ground, seeking money that is never enough to meet their needs. In this case, they are subservient to people who are far beneath them in the rank of God's elect. Only one thing keeps them there: their faulty judgment of values. The King Of Diamonds is proof that substance is not denied them, but command over it is not assured unless it is to be applied to the fulfillment of their mission. The Seven (7) is the dominical number, and there is no escaping the Divine appointment.

The Seven of Spades must never act from selfish motives. Within themselves that know that each action will be accounted for and balanced, and they also realize that whatever sorrow that encounter in this life is a just debt to be paid.

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Bar Refaeli
I am not my fear, my circumstances or my past. I am the active creator of my life. My life, my choice. - Bar Refaeli

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Kings are essentially the rulers of their suit. They were born to command. King represent the ultimate expression of any suit. Kings are the ones who making the laws to themselves and others. It symbolizes the male principle. They are natural leaders with nothing to prove to anybody. If you are the King, you are fortunate in the great potential this card promises. You may rest and never answer you inner call to rule, it is you choice, but your best expression is in the leadership. The kingdom you rule depends from your suit - it can be love and relationship (Hearts), knowledge (Clubs), realm of values (Diamonds), work and wisdom (Spades).


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Diamonds correspond with an adulthood, career and money-making years, the Fall season and the element Water. Even when children Diamonds like to be treated as adults. Diamonds stand for the Power of values, material wealth. Symbolically, Diamonds are like a jewel, a stone that allows the light to pass through with practically with no loss. You can say Diamonds stand for the money, but actually they stand for Values. It includes all spectrum of human values including spiritual worth. Diamonds work out the conception of values through all their lives. They know that everything and everyone in life has its price. They make the best promoters and sellers for things with a high-rank value according to their beliefs. Diamonds like to spend money, but at some time on another they realize that all material wealth doesn't buy the true happiness. Diamonds rule merchants, manufacturers, big businesses, producers, investors, bankers and world traders. Diamonds rule 131 birthdays. The ruling planet is Jupiter.
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