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Three of Diamonds Karma Card

Three of DiamondsThe Three of Diamonds as your Karma card suggests that you are a versatile, multi-talented person with a strong need if self-expression. You have original ideas that often ahead of our time and can be witty and entertaining. Do not allow worries about finances and uncertainty to destruct you. There is a danger to scatter your energies in more than one project or interest. Channel your insecurity through any means of creativity, but try to focus on developing and mastering one of your talents at once. When you are focused on the goal, you can be highly motivated with the potential of exceptional prosperity.

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“People think I'm a gambler. I've never gambled in my life. To me, a gambler is someone who plays slot machines. I prefer to own slot machines. It's a very good business being the house.” - Donald Trump
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Aries, Pisces
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Three is the number of Trinity. Threes want to be loved. They inhibit the creative drive that seeks expression. Number 3 departure from the Number 2 - the source of balance and harmony, and so it's always looking to find this balance in creating something new. There is an urge in self expression and variety. Talkative and highly communicative, Threes can relate to many different cultures and concepts due to the flexibility hidden in this number. Music, arts are excellent outlets of Threes creativity. The biggest challenge of all Threes is uncertainty. Easily getting bored, they can move from one job to another, switch projects and lovers. The high creative force of Threes can lead them either happiness or unhappiness. One who understands his or her goals and a makes a major decision in life, who follows it directly and straight up without worry and uncertainty, achieves heights other numbers can only dream about. The number Three (3) is the closest number to the Source, but the Light may become a Dynamite when there is deviation and the pursuit of temptation.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Diamonds correspond with an adulthood, career and money-making years, the Fall season and the element Water. Even when children Diamonds like to be treated as adults. Diamonds stand for the Power of values, material wealth. Symbolically, Diamonds are like a jewel, a stone that allows the light to pass through with practically with no loss. You can say Diamonds stand for the money, but actually they stand for Values. It includes all spectrum of human values including spiritual worth. Diamonds work out the conception of values through all their lives. They know that everything and everyone in life has its price. They make the best promoters and sellers for things with a high-rank value according to their beliefs. Diamonds like to spend money, but at some time on another they realize that all material wealth doesn't buy the true happiness. Diamonds rule merchants, manufacturers, big businesses, producers, investors, bankers and world traders. Diamonds rule 131 birthdays. The ruling planet is Jupiter.
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