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Love Compatibility Chart
Published September, 3 2012 13:21 in LOVE COMPATIBILITY | NUMEROLOGY
Love Compatibility Chart

Love compatibility chart is the best way to see how your relationship works. Do you have special connections? Is there a chance to build long-lasting relationship? Are you in an out-of box relationships? How prosperous your relationship are? Is it a sexual attraction or hidden obsession?  Love compatibility chart is an excellent preview of feelings and attitudes created by you and your partner.

You may think you are perfect for each other. You may enjoy same interests, you may come from similar backgrounds. You may fall in love from a first sight, or date for several years. And yet, when you get married, you may find that your similarities with your partner turns into irritation, and your differences become a source of critical remarks. Your initial attraction may begin to fade, replaced by a low-grade, constant tension. What was initially called love can slowly become an inescapable source of frustration. Not all couples are mismatched, but many are. Why is this happening?


There are ten main influences that effect any relationship. An initial attraction and similarity of interests is only one facet of it. As you can see in the sample love compatibility chart above, we are experiencing different feelings toward each other – love, irritation, friendship, limitations, illusions, challenges. More complicated person you are, more complex people and type of relationships you attract into your life. You may love someone and hate the way he arranges his wardrobe. She might be your best friend, but doesn’t fit your stereotype of a perfect, sensitive, nurturing woman. You may want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, but feel a strong urge to change their behavior, as you find them less mature and dependable as you expected. Or, you may feel unfairly criticized and unaccepted. While all of mentioned is quite normal in any relationship, the positives should always outrank the negatives. Any relationship is a living entity, and must be well balanced to survive.

In this sense, the love compatibility chart reveals the facts behind your relationships and helps you to understand how compatible you are.

See your Love Compatibility Chart.

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What is Your Birth Card?
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Hannah Paxson
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Sara Jefferson
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