Love Calculator. Part 2.

When I do a personal reading, I always consider multiple systems to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of relationships. Every relationship is a mixture of two unique personalities, two inpidual vibrations, and if we don't know how to play this music, any attempt is likely to be disastrous to our ears and nerves. We are all equally capable of harmonies and discords, but, unlike manufactured instruments, we cannot remain mute and inexpressive. Each of us plays our inpidual key, tone, and rhythm. Playing in a jam takes some practice. The solution is in the world around us, for if we pause long enough to sense and feel, we discover vibrations.

Any relationship sounds differently. Some are classical, others are contemporary. But if you are not used to rock-n-roll, you may find it irritating. You can get excited by listening hard rock, but are you willing to play this type of music all your life? In relationships, it is important to understand what kind of music you and your partner are performing. It is also important how capable both of you are to feel and hear each other. Your musical vibrations can be discovered by your names and birthdays. Each note you play makes your life song complete. Each number, each planet, each cycle creates music, and before you make a final decision rather be with someone or not, you want to know all you can about the one you have chosen as a life partner. And even if you think you are thoroughly acquainted with his or her nature, abilities, and ideas, how do you know whether you are going to be together or if your separate line of development will, in the future, run in parallels, or go off tangents?

The ideal love compatibility calculator is the one that makes an accurate evaluation of each "chord" created by your personalities and tells you what type of music you will play and how it is going to sound. As smart and educated we are today, it's hard to know enough about another person until you spend a good portion of your life together? There is no science except can help us see the future of your relationships.

As you have learned from "Love Calculator," part 1, numerology is a primary tool to evaluate any relationship. Astrology provides a vast amount of information, but a simple comparison of your Sun signs cannot be held accountable. There are ten planets positioned in 12 zodiac signs and 12 so-called "houses". Our personalities are played out through this set of data, affected not just by a position of each planet, but also by interactions between them. The Destiny Card system takes the sciences of astrology and numerology down to the root. Hidden in the safest place - right in front of our eyes - an ordinary deck of playing cards reveals the truth about us and our destiny. While reading life spreads is an art by itself, the reading of relationships and love compatibility can be interpreted in numbers. Most of all, use of numerology and destiny card system, can tell you exactly where your stand in your relationship and whether your personal vibrations sound harmonic or discord.

The love calculator, you'll find on Seven Reflections (and nowhere else), combines an in-depth knowledge of Numerology and Destiny Cards which makes it unique in many ways. It draws your love compatibility chart along with your attraction, intensity and compatibility indexes. It evaluates you love compatibility in two-digit numbers system according to precise numerological principles you will not find anywhere else. It gives you a timeline of your cycles and pinnacles and how compatible you are in different periods of your personal development. Most of all, it makes clear if you and your partner are running toward a long-term relationship, or your relationship is just a short matter.

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