How Do I Use Personal Days Vibrations Calendar?

How Do I Use Personal Days Vibrations Calendar?

You can use the daily reading for several reasons. There is no "must" keeping up your schedule up to a letter, but it helps to balance your life by staying in tune with the universe.

If you are a perceiving personality type, it is important to have a plan with putting things in the proper order, and it goes much easier on the day number 6. The number 6 is the number of balance. Harmonizing the outer environment helps to keep our intellectual activity in order.

If you are an extrovert, spend some time along on the 7th day, when you can take a long breath and drain your energy.

Without knowing it, we have 9-days cycle, and you will surely accomplish more than if you run hectically through weeks. Trying to finish anything on the day 1 is a waste of time. Trying to start a new project or schedule a new date on a number 9 day, will not give satisfactory results.

If you are an introvert, being in a middle of a crowd feels tiring. Do not miss the day number 2. Make some meaningful connections. Smiling at people at this time will make feel better for the rest seven days.

The 5th day is a vacation day when you can take a long-planned trip or start a new adventure - get away from things and old thoughts and ideas.

Days equal to our personal numbers are always special.

This information comes handy when you are planning short trips with family and friends. The best set for taking short vacations is any combinations of 3 and 5.

Dating is also a category when the use of personal vibrations is very helpful. I wouldn't suggest going on a first date when your personal day or your partner's personal day is 9. The Number 9 is the number of an end.

Here is the short description of things we best at in our Personal days (full description in your free reading):

Personal Day 1: Don't try to end. Start. Make an important change.

Personal Day 2: The day of sympathy and understanding - sociable and adaptable. Be receptive. Agree. Follow - do not lead. Don't talk too much. Listen and think. Cooperate.

Personal Day 3:Make a game of any work that comes along. Refuse to worry. Take everything as it comes - and like it. Don't plan ahead; get all is out of today.

Personal Day 4: Create a schedule for this day. Be precise in everything you do, but march from one job to the next. Live up to your plans - get everything out on time. Analyze the details and correct every error. You are laying the foundation for your building.

Personal Day 5: Getaway from details. Do something amusing and perting. Make as many contacts as possible. Get a new point of view. Promote and advertise. Exercise your versatility. Don't hide your enthusiasm. Keep an open mind.

Personal Day 6: Great Harmonizer and home-maker. Make everybody comfortable and happy. Finish anything you start today. Make the order - in the way you look, in your house. You are a nurse, teacher, father (or mother), confessor, counselor, host or companion - all in one.

Personal Day 7: Insist upon freedom from worry, hurry, and excitement. Be entirely alone for part of the day and think yourself over. Stop, look and listen.

Personal Day 8: Organize your forces. Find out just where you stand in your business and finances. You have a great opportunity for enlargement and do not doubt your ability to "cash in" on it.

Personal Day 9: Love your neighbor as yourself. Do good to "all those who wickedly use you." Forget your personal desires and do some one thing that entails a sacrifice - of will or prejudice or opinion. Show your good will and bear no grudges. Do the BIG thing. Big day for pubic performance.

Personal Day 11: Dream big, look ahead and get a focus on the revelation. Express your ideas. Show to everyone you meet the beauty of the thing at hand. Force no issues. Keep at peace. Be a dreamer, visionary, idealist. Forget business as the pursuit of money.

Personal Day 22: Work your ideas. Bring order and system into the eternal truths you know. Organize something that has great scope for general improvement. Put your vision into working form.

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