Sadhguru, born Jagadish Vasudev on September 3, 1957, in Mysore, Karnataka, India, is a renowned Indian yogi, mystic, and visionary known for his profound wisdom, spiritual teachings, and efforts towards human wellbeing. His early life, marked by a keen sense of connection with nature and an intense quest for understanding life's deeper meaning, led him to a profound experience of self-realization on a mountain in Chamundi Hill at the age of 25. This experience was the cornerstone of his future path as a spiritual leader.

Following this transformative experience, Sadhguru decided to share his inner experience and wisdom with the world. In 1983, he founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers yoga programs around the globe, emphasizing physical, mental, and inner well-being. Through his teachings, Sadhguru has touched the lives of millions worldwide, offering insights into the mechanisms of life and the universe.

Sadhguru's approach to spirituality is pragmatic, combining ancient wisdom with contemporary knowledge. He has initiated several large-scale humanitarian projects, such as Rally for Rivers for water conservation and Cauvery Calling to revitalize India's Cauvery river. His efforts extend to education, environmental conservation, and rural upliftment, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to societal well-being.

An accomplished author, Sadhguru has penned numerous books, including "Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy," which has been highly influential in spreading his teachings. He is also a sought-after speaker at prestigious global forums and universities, where he addresses issues of sustainability, spirituality, and human values.

Sadhguru's birth card, the Eight of Diamonds, is known as one of the three "free" cards in the system of destiny cards, symbolizing material balance and the potential to achieve great financial and spiritual success without being bound to earthly matters. This aspect of his destiny card reflects his ability to navigate the material and spiritual worlds with ease, offering insights that are both profound and applicable to everyday life.

Sadhguru's life and work are a testament to his dedication to elevating human consciousness and fostering global harmony. Through his teachings, he continues to inspire individuals to explore their inner selves and find their own path to enlightenment.

Eight of Diamonds
Birth Card

Birthday: September 3, 1957

Eight of Diamonds   Soul Urge: 20/2 Life Path: 34/7   Attitude: 12/3

Sadhguru Quotes

Sadhguru “If you think you are big, you become small. If you know you are nothing, you become unlimited. That’s the beauty of being a human being.” - Sadhguru
Eight of Diamonds Quotes
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