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Saturday, July 20 2024

In the "Standard" numerological system, the personal year starts on January 1st.


37/10/1 - Creation

Start something. Make an important change. Map out your plan of campaign and proceed to act upon it. Promote your own enterprises. Interview people of importance in your affairs. Seek a new job. Make appointments to discuss your own interests and take the lead in the conversation. Keep your definite purpose in mind and make every effort for its accomplishment. Do something original. Take no advice unless it appeals to your better judgment. Stand on your own feet. Trust your intuitions. Unite your thought and action. Keep Moving.

Today your personal power and individuality are at their height. You are independent, ambitious, energetic and self-reliant. Your intellect is working under full steam. Your judgment is excellent. You have the courage and determination to carry out your plans for a successful conclusion. You have a good sense to realize that impatience, anger, stubbornness, arrogance, selfishness, laziness, worry, anxiety and unwillingness to unite yourself with any conditions that arise would only cause you to lose control of a situation that is entirely in your hands. Your strong-willed attitude will carry you where you want to go.

Your Daily Cards: Jupiter Day

You are starting your nine day's period in Jupiter. This guarantees your success and great achievement in the next eight days. Start expanding yourself on many levels: physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural, and plan along a line of the accumulation of material assets, power and status. Today you might be pushed upon leading your community and planning social improvements for the betterment of a society. You can choose this day to start your foreign trip or buy plain tickets. The next eight days can be proven to be the most beneficent time for you. Don't be lazy. Plan well ahead and make it to work for your benefit and improvement of your life in general. Be generous ? share your abundance with others freely.
Eight of Spades
Pluto Card
Seven of Diamonds
Seven of Spades
You may feel restricted by your present surroundings and circumstances, or you may be censured or prevented in some way from expressing yourself. But you have power to overcome any issues. Avoid pushing too hard your opinion to avoid trouble and criticism. Look within yourself for real values in life. By the end of a day, you might feel frustrated over financial matters; impatient and restricted. See the situation as it is and decide if it has any real value.
Four of Spades
Ace of Clubs
Four of Hearts
Five of Spades
King of Diamonds
Seven of Hearts
Six of Clubs

Universal Day 17/8

Big deals put through. Director's meetings. Bustling executives.

Good Day For

This day is especially good for shopping - for clothes, decorations, art, paintings and making deposits in checking accounts.


Don't try to finish. START.

Daily Rhythms

Jul, 15Jul, 16Jul, 17Jul, 18Jul, 19Jul, 20
Excellent   Good   Average   Less than average   Be careful
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