Inside Relationships: Step by Step

Find out if your love is written in the stars. What kind of relationship are you in? Are you playing mind games? Will be your partner faithful to you? Do you have plans to become business partners? Will your relationships fulfill your expectations? Can your relationship withstand the wheel of time? Find out IMMEDIATELY!

Relationships love compatibility. Astrology. Vedic Astrology.

What kind of relationship are you in? Are you playing mind games? Will be your partner faithful to you? Will your relationships fulfill your expectations? Is your relationship meant to stand the test of time? Find our IMMEDIATELY!

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to know if a person fundamentally compatible with you, what are your chances to stay in lasting, functional relationships... and to have this powerful knowledge in minutes?

What is your potential as a couple? Can you help each other in your careers, education, business, personal development? Will your relationship promote positive self-changes, or will you turn into someone you don't like to be, less open, less trusting, less creative? In other words, will it bring the best or the worst in you? Are you planning to run a business together? What are your risks' factors?

Seven Reflections astrological love compatibility is an entirely new, unstandardized concept of relationships determined to give answers to inexplicable. What ties people together is beyond chemistry, behavior patterns, intuitive understanding, feelings of safety and comfort, health, luck, core principles, faithfulness, loyalty, capacity to generate ideas and thrive on opportunities. Our journey and experiences define our present status of evolution and our ultimate destiny.

Relationships are like a small eco-system: everything in life changes, your lifestyle, financial, professional and social status. Some relationships suppress our potential. Others make us stronger, more successful and fortunate. What kind of relationship are you in?

Seven Reflections astrological love compatibility is direct and certain. It assesses every aspect of a relationship and describes its development, step by step. It creates your love compatibility chart, evaluates risks, and summarizes results in an easy to understand manner.

Keep your times and locations of birth handy as well as your full names to get accurate results. Don't have your partner's time of birth? No worries! You can experiment with your charts as you go, checking up different birth times!

Why is this report More Accurate than any other astrological reading?

Most astrological synastry tests use standardized methods to measure aspects between your planets based on twelve signs. We use twenty-seven lunar mansions and three hundred sixty-five denominators for each day of a year to make sure every aspect of your nature is accounted, and all "dots" are connected.

Astrology, if used correctly, is a powerful analytics tool for forecasting events and behavior patterns. Given a set of individual characteristics, the astrological decision model analyzes the relationship between all the elements to predict the results of our decisions.

Astrology says "How" the relationship will develop over time and "how" it will impact our self-perceptions and physical well-being. But there is a deeper meaning of everything happens in life. Why are some relationships never meant to be? Why despite your love the universe turns your life upside down? Why some people seem so painfully familiar to us? People can be perfectly compatible astrology-wise, but it doesn't mean they fall in love. They can sense each other needs, but it doesn't mean they care.

This test underscores a significance of long-term connections astrological synastry methods can't recognize. It creates a bridge between psychological and biochemical aspects of attraction between two people and a concept of love and destiny that ties you together. It predicts the outcome of decisions you will make as a couple. The proprietary scoring system helps to visualize and prioritize your overal potential and risks.

Don't know the time of birth?

No worries! You can change your and your partner hours and locations of birth at any time. Most planets don't change their position during a 24-hours period. Moon is the fastest moving planet; it might change its constellation during a birth date in question once. Experiment with time as much as you like!

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