Yearly Predictions

2019 Predictions

In the "Standard" numerological system, the personal year starts on January 1st.


20/2 - Collection

Personal Year
This year the seed you planted in the year number 1 will flourish. This is a time not so much for action as for attraction. Things will come to you if you are quiet and receptive. You are ready for accumulation. Keep an open mind. Study all you can and acquire new information on the subject which interests you the most. Plan to work with others instead of trying to go it all alone keep calm, cool and pleasant. Strengthen your friendships. Keep your goals in mind and collect things that will help you to reach them. New opportunities and privileges will drop into your lap if you don't make too much effort to seek them. Be patient. Don't expect to see any results from last year's planting. Fertilize the soil and wait for things to grow below the surface. Don't be sensitive. Do small things. WAIT.

12/3 - Expression

Universal Year
Expression and Activity of the Lighter Scale
Expansion for Theaters and Amusement Parks
Expenditure of Money and Effort in all Directions
Scattering of Forces - to the point of recklessness
Demand for Pleasure and Luxury

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