Seven Reflections
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42/6 - Adjustment
The first things in the morning, take an attentive look at yourself. Are you brushed, in order and smart-looking? Is the color you are wearing becoming or an eye-sore? Is your mind composed and balanced so that you can listen to the hard-luck story and give advice - if asked? Are you shrinking any responsibility that belongs to you, or assuming one that is none of your affair? Are you doing all that you should about your diet and exercise? Have you've been compassionate and cheerful, or a little grumpy? Have you been "high-hatting" anyone from your superior height?

Take a look at your surroundings. Are they in order? Are they as beautiful as you can make them? Do the colors clash and does the atmosphere seem un-restful and inharmonious? If your home or office is running on greased wheels in every department?

Take a look at your family and friends. Do they need or want anything that you can provide - and haven't? Have you are been holding on money and spending too much on yourself? Is there anyone in trouble who would like your help and advice? Is anyone you know sick who would like to be visited? Do you owe any calls that should be made? Anything that should be paid for? Now it is time. Adjust all along the line but stifle that impulse to write a blog post and suggest remedies for civics wrong.

Today you are the great harmonizer and home-maker. You would like to make everybody comfortable and happy. You are a nurse, teacher, father (or mother), confessor, counselor, host or companion - all in one. If you see an urgent need for physical drudgery and you seem to be the one elected to do it, you are not going to keep your mind on the soap and scrub brush, but on the shining result to be achieved. You are going to keep busy and even tempered, but refrain from bustling about or allowing anyone to see the wheels in operation. You are going to finish anything you undertake. You are full of high principles and a great desire to adjust other lives as harmoniously as you have managed your own, but your realize the danger of becoming a chatterer and a busybody, and wisely decide to wait until your sympathy and advice are asked for. Your sense of duty and responsibility are at their keenest and you realize that today is the time to work them, for if any of the demands are neglected, you know they will rise up and smite you at time when you would seem impossible burden. Today it is easy. You are headed for a well-earned rest - tomorrow.
Daily Rithms
Mar, 26Mar, 27Mar, 28Mar, 29Mar, 30Mar, 31
Seven of Diamonds
Pluto Card
Five of Spades
Don't get into the frustration over financial matters. You may feel impatient and restricted. The only solution is a resolution to get down to business and work with a positive attitude. By the end of a day, there can be travel and a variety of opportunities. Excitement, movement and romance make life more interesting. If you initiate changes after careful consideration, you will persevere.
Ace of Clubs
Ais your Mercury Card. Intellect, Communications.
A wish to know. Aspiration for knowledge. Letter containing secret. News from a short distance.
Four of Hearts
4is your Mars Card. Action, Agressiveness, Impulsiveness.
Satisfaction and success in love. Pleasure in making new friends. Sudden unexpected happiness. Pleasure and happiness at home.
Ace of Clubs
Queen of Clubs
Ten of Spades
Five of Clubs
Three of Diamonds
Ace of Spades
Seven of Hearts
Universal Day 42/6
Restaurants are less crowded. Concerts well attended. Stocks more adjusted. The Universe eats at home but goes to a concert, or turns on the radio.
Good Day For
This is the best day for buying furniture, things for your home - supplies, household, commodities or decorations. Best for moving into a new home.
Don't buy tickets for travelling
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Seven Reflections
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