Seven Reflections

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46/10/1 - Creation
Start something. Make the important change. Map out your plan of campaign and proceed to act upon it. Promote your own enterprises. Interview people of importance in your affairs. Seek the new job. Make appointments to discuss your own interests and take the lead in the conversation. Keep your definite purpose in mind and make every effort for its accomplishment. Do something original. Take no advice unless it appeals to you better judgment. Stand on your own feet. Trust your intuitions. Unite your thought and action. Keep Moving.

Today your personal power and individuality are at their height. You are independent, ambitious, energetic and self-reliant. Your intellect is working under full steam. Your judgment is excellent. You have the courage and determination to carry out your plans to a successful conclusion. You have a good sense to realize that impatience, anger, stubbornness, arrogance, selfishness, laziness, worry, anxiety and unwillingness to unite yourself with any conditions that arise would only cause you to lose control of a situation that is entirely in your hands. Your strong-willed attitude will carry your where you want to go.
Daily Rithms
Nov, 23Nov, 24Nov, 25Nov, 26Nov, 27Nov, 28
Seven of Diamonds
Pluto Card
Five of Spades
Don't get into the frustration over financial matters. You may feel impatient and restricted. The only solution is a resolution to get down to business and work with a positive attitude. By the end of a day, there can be travel and a variety of opportunities. Excitement, movement and romance make life more interesting. If you initiate changes after careful consideration, you will persevere.
Ace of Clubs
Ais your Mercury Card. Intellect, Communications.
A wish to know. Aspiration for knowledge. Letter containing secret. News from a short distance.
Four of Hearts
4is your Mars Card. Action, Agressiveness, Impulsiveness.
Satisfaction and success in love. Pleasure in making new friends. Sudden unexpected happiness. Pleasure and happiness at home.
Ace of Clubs
Queen of Clubs
Ten of Spades
Five of Clubs
Three of Diamonds
Ace of Spades
Seven of Hearts
Universal Day 46/10/1
Efforts to promote new ideas. Strong market. Strikes.
Good Day For
This day is especially good for shopping - for clothes, decorations, art, paintings and making deposits in checking accounts.
Don't try to finish. START.
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Seven Reflections
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