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18/9 - Universality
Love your neighbor as yourself. Do good to "all those who wickedly use you". Forget your personal desires and do some one thing that entails a sacrifice - of will or prejustice or opinion. Pull up the weeds that have been chocking you. Look at everyone through pink glasses and see only their good qualities; know that those are the realities. Do that generous thing you have been hesitating about. Assume the fault in the misunderstanding of yesterday. Show your good will and bear no grudges. Do the BIG thing. Finish up all the odds and ends that have been hanging about. Cancel the date with the man who has been wasting your time. Get rid of your self-imposed conventions and limitations. Take stock of the possession, occupations, impressions, acquaintances and pastime that will never get your anywhere and throw them out. If you are planning a public performance, be glad it is scheduled to today. Break out the soil around your roots. Begin to spread out and grow. Dig up your race-consciousness and apply it to your point of view. Be a broadcaster - on the top-side.

Today you are in the vibration of Universal Love. You belong to the world at large and see everything in broad sweeps. You realize that you can do nothing for yourself alone, for it will boomerang back to you. Today you cannot allow yourself to become impatient with opposition or despise another's point of view, because you realize that you were once, a very short time ago, as unenlightened as those others who are looking through the wrong end of the telescope. You are so thrilled with the new outlook that you want to give everyone a hand-up and let all share it. You realize that tomorrow will start a new cycle of achievement and are, therefore, determined to leave no loose ends to be carried over. If you do, they will drag along interminably. You are closing a chapter and are wise enough to do it effectively and thoroughly. Mistakes and ugliness are all beneath and behind you.
Daily Rithms
Sep, 26Sep, 27Sep, 28Sep, 29Sep, 30Oct, 1
Seven of Diamonds
Pluto Card
Five of Spades
Don't get into the frustration over financial matters. You may feel impatient and restricted. The only solution is a resolution to get down to business and work with a positive attitude. By the end of a day, there can be travel and a variety of opportunities. Excitement, movement and romance make life more interesting. If you initiate changes after careful consideration, you will persevere.
Ace of Clubs
Ais your Mercury Card. Intellect, Communications.
A wish to know. Aspiration for knowledge. Letter containing secret. News from a short distance.
Four of Hearts
4is your Mars Card. Action, Agressiveness, Impulsiveness.
Satisfaction and success in love. Pleasure in making new friends. Sudden unexpected happiness. Pleasure and happiness at home.
Ace of Clubs
Queen of Clubs
Ten of Spades
Five of Clubs
Three of Diamonds
Ace of Spades
Seven of Hearts
Universal Day 18/9
Public affairs considered. More tolerance. Friendly relations.
Good Day For
This is the best day for making public appearances or gifts, donations to charities.
Don't try to start. FINISH.
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Seven Reflections
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