Matthew Mcconaughey & Sandra Bullock
Matthew Mcconaughey: November 4, 1969
Matthew Mcconaughey
Commitment Index: 4.6
50% Complete (success)
Three of Diamonds
Birth Card
Two of Hearts
Seven of Diamonds
Six of Hearts
Karma Card
Queen of Diamonds
Karma Cousin
Sandra Bullock: July 26, 1964
Sandra Bullock
Commitment Index: 8
80% Complete (success)
Two of Clubs
Birth Card
Ace of Spades
Karma Card
King of Hearts
Karma Cousin
Total Connections Found: 18
Attraction index: 2.89
Intensity index: 1.14
Compatibility: 2.22

Attraction & Intensity

Attraction Index tells how much attraction you experience in your communications.

Intensity Index represents challenges. Further investigation of links between two of you tells what areas of your life are affected. It might be associated with an intense sexual life, desire to dominate one another, criticism or deep contradictions in beliefs and lifestyles. It may come as a surprise to have long-term relationships with high-intensity index, but it can happen.

People who have more than 15 links found between them have their scores higher than someone with five connections or less. These scores are interesting mostly from a step-point of their relatedness. Relationships with the higher Attraction and the lower Intensity score have more chances to last longer and bring positive energy and mutual understanding. The prevalence of intense connections between people usually leads to break-ups and challenging experiences. If you research your personal relationships in depth, you will discover your very own Attraction and Intensity Scores that you feels comfortable to you.
Compatibility Chart

Matthew Mcconaughey

What Is the Three of Diamonds Birth Card Mean?
Three of Diamonds

Divine Wisdom colors every judgment and conditions every attitude of someone born Three of Diamonds. Spiritually aware ones guide their lives by this source of Light. In the fruit of the spirit their security is assured. These people are trustees of gifts they have, and their mind must be kept unceasingly on the higher levels to receive the direction and inspiration that will lead to success. They are eager to give their knowledge for the benefit of others. They always keep on trying to gain the whole world. Aspiration gives way to ambition, desire for spiritual anchorage to material security. They have a fine eye for beauty and a deep need in harmony. They are restless. Travel might be a part of their work schedule and a key to success. Serious and reliable, they are romantically inclined and idealistic in personal relationships.

Sandra Bullock

What Is the Two of Clubs Birth Card Mean?
Two of Clubs

Versatile, clever, adaptable and quick-witted, Two of Clubs are never lacking for an answer and very positive in their own opinions. They are easy-going, transient partners. They are self-confident and attracted to people of good financial standing. They are persevering and strong willed and always get what they go after. They can make a fortune through effort, will and creativity. They must learn the fine art of cooperation, since they like to have the last word. Highly developed intuition and the ability to spot weaknesses in other people, is a big plus in any kind of business. They can work very hard, and have great administrative and organizational talent. In love, they are generous, restless and creative.

Matthew Mcconaughey and Sandra BullockMatthew Mcconaughey and Sandra Bullock were dating for about one year. Matthew McConaughey says, "We both have a lot of strong feelings for each other, but it's not the right time right now. It wasn't the right time before. I do love her, and will always love her. Absolutely."

Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock dated for a period, but eventually parted ways. At the end of the relationship, Bullock sounded glum about her chances for love, telling Harper's Bazaar: "I can't see finding anyone -- in or out of the business."
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Relationship Type: Loving

Prime Themes


What is Missing?

She is his type of a woman. There is a real physical connection between the two that generally presents itself as sexual attraction and physical chemistry.
She respects his ways of doing things in life, but for him she feels like a little girl. He knows what should be done of her behalf to be more successful and mature in life, and sometimes his critical remarks are difficult to handle. Learning hard lessons might be the part of this relationship, and when exams are passed, the teacher may become her past as well.
They were looking for something a little different than a traditional marriage when they've met. Uncertainly about each other can be devastating unless they apply mutual trust and understanding. Once settled, being the best friends for life worth millions of romantic encounters.
She is the part of his learning curve in life. It might be not easy to handle, but he definitely needs it.
She may not realize how significant he is for her until later in life. In a middle while, it can be a roller-coaster experience.
Connections: Life vs. Spiritual
The higher percentage of Spiritual Connections (connections from a spiritual spread) means that you have share previous life experiences together. When the percentage of your Mundane Connections is significantly higher, you have met someone new. Spiritual connections benefit our inner selves stronger than life connections, and whatever critical and challenging issues they may represent, your experience will be smoother and less traumatic.

Forward, Reverse and Mutual Connections

You can see from the chart who is more affected by your interaction.
The one with a higher percentage of forward connections is investing more energy and thoughts into relationship. If you have a higher percentage of reverse connections, your partner pays more attention to you and you are perceiving his or her feelings and emotions.
Mutual connections work in both directions. Having high mutual connection's percentage means you have very strong bond between two of you and are interested in each other in the same degree.
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