Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck: August 15, 1972
Ben Affleck
Commitment Index: 6
60% Complete (success)
Jack of Clubs
Birth Card
Jack of Diamonds
Karma Card
Ten of Hearts
Karma Cousin
Jennifer Garner: April 17, 1972
Jennifer Garner
Commitment Index: 7.2
70% Complete (success)
Four of Diamonds
Birth Card
Six of Clubs
Five of Spades
Karma Card
Five of Hearts
Karma Cousin
Total Connections Found: 20
Attraction index: 2.12
Intensity index: 1.29
Compatibility: 0.65

Attraction & Intensity

Attraction Index tells how much attraction you experience in your communications.

Intensity Index represents challenges. Further investigation of links between two of you tells what areas of your life are affected. It might be associated with an intense sexual life, desire to dominate one another, criticism or deep contradictions in beliefs and lifestyles. It may come as a surprise to have long-term relationships with high-intensity index, but it can happen.

People who have more than 15 links found between them have their scores higher than someone with five connections or less. These scores are interesting mostly from a step-point of their relatedness. Relationships with the higher Attraction and the lower Intensity score have more chances to last longer and bring positive energy and mutual understanding. The prevalence of intense connections between people usually leads to break-ups and challenging experiences. If you research your personal relationships in depth, you will discover your very own Attraction and Intensity Scores that you feels comfortable to you.
Compatibility Chart

Ben Affleck

What Is the Jack of Clubs Birth Card Mean?
Jack of Clubs

The Jack of Clubs have an extraordinary gift of knowledge. These are unusual, clear-sighted, highly intelligent and intuitive people. They are the people of the future, and it sets them apart from anyone else. They are creative, energetic, productive and mentally brilliant. They can put their knowledge to work for them, or they can live by their wits. Success along mental lines is guaranteed. Mentality is their secure place and their weapon against all obstacles. They have great love from home, and their need for love is absorbing. Benefits are always derived from a willingness to assume responsibility. They have a good heart, and are giving, loving and friendly.

Jennifer Garner

What Is the Four of Diamonds Birth Card Mean?
Four of Diamonds

Four of Diamonds is a symbol of material stability, and when they are willing work hard to achieve tangible results, success follows them naturally. They have a wonderful potential to secure their finances and to stabilize their environment. When their potential is used properly, these people are the most hard-working, energetic, honorable and confident. They have developed an orderly lifestyle. They are methodical and careful with money and know how to invest wisely. They can always make a sufficient income. They have power to overcome their own restlessness and live happy satisfying life. Inwardly they dislike changes and put significant amount of efforts to stay with work or in relationship as long as they can. They are charming and attractive and can use this quality to become successful in business and sales. Security and protection are extremely important to them, and emotional considerations are tight to these principles.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer GarnerBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner are married since 2005. Since Jennifer Garner relationship with Affleck, first as girlfriend and then as wife, Garner has been a tabloid staple. "Ben taught me that you cannot read that stuff, that it's poison," she said in 2009. On Garner's 33rd birthday, Affleck proposed to her with a 4.5 carats (900 mg) diamond ring from Harry Winston. Affleck married Garner, who was three months pregnant at the time, on June 29, 2005 in a private ceremony in the Caribbean, officiated by family friend and Garner's Alias co-star, Victor Garber, at the Parrot Cay resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The couple have three children: daughters Violet Anne Affleck (born December 1, 2005) Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck (born January 6, 2009), and son Samuel Garner Affleck (born February 27, 2012).
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Relationship Type: Friendly

Prime Themes


What is Missing?

emotional intimacy
The desire to make each other happy, to lift each other up, to inspire and to help, to share resources, information and positive attitudes, opens new doors and new avenues of expression and helps to build up self-confidence. They value and respect the best in each other and this along is the key to the prosperous and successful life.
There is a steep learning curve before they become more mature and independent. Mentoring, teaching, listening, criticizing, trying to grasp a higher wisdom, learning the laws of fairness and truth are inevitable in this relationship. Most of the time, this type of relationships do not last long, and when lessons are learnt, people simply walk away from each other and don't look back.
They were looking for something a little different than a traditional marriage when they've met. Uncertainly about each other can be devastating unless they apply mutual trust and understanding. Once settled, being the best friends for life worth millions of romantic encounters.
She is the part of his learning curve in life. It might be not easy to handle, but he definitely needs it.
He may not realize how significant she is for him until later in life. In a middle while, it can be a roller-coaster experience.
Connections: Life vs. Spiritual
The higher percentage of Spiritual Connections (connections from a spiritual spread) means that you have share previous life experiences together. When the percentage of your Mundane Connections is significantly higher, you have met someone new. Spiritual connections benefit our inner selves stronger than life connections, and whatever critical and challenging issues they may represent, your experience will be smoother and less traumatic.

Forward, Reverse and Mutual Connections

You can see from the chart who is more affected by your interaction.
The one with a higher percentage of forward connections is investing more energy and thoughts into relationship. If you have a higher percentage of reverse connections, your partner pays more attention to you and you are perceiving his or her feelings and emotions.
Mutual connections work in both directions. Having high mutual connection's percentage means you have very strong bond between two of you and are interested in each other in the same degree.
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