Mark Burnett Quotes

Jack Of Clubs
Birth Card
Mark Burnett
British producer
Birthday: July 17, 1960
Jack Of Clubs   Life Path: 40/4   Attitude: 24/6
Mark BurnettMy mantra is: Realize you're going to fail all the time, and accept it. That doesn't mean I'm not frightened of it. - Mark Burnett
Topics: Fear, Positive Attitude, Failure   Mark Burnett Quotes
Destiny Cards Quotes: Jack Of Clubs Quotes   Life Path Quotes: Lifepath 4  Lifepath 40
Mark BurnettI learned firsthand that there would simply be no wars if people engaged in real conversation. - Mark Burnett
Topics: Good Advice   Mark Burnett Quotes
Destiny Cards Quotes: Jack Of Clubs Quotes   Life Path Quotes: Lifepath 4  Lifepath 40
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