Daily Predictions

Friday, March 22 2019

In the "Standard" numerological system, the personal year starts on January 1st.


74/11/2 - Revelation

Forget business as the pursuit of money. Today is your day to dream big, to look ahead and get a focus on the revelation. Express your ideas. Show to everyone you meet the beauty of the thing at hand. Force no issues. Keep at peace. Deal with the public - not to show off, but to give out your knowledge. Spend some time in the clouds, but don't miss your appointments! Don't worry about commercializing anything - improve it first. Comfort people who come to you for help or advice, but don't waste your energy on small things and talk. Put aside the hard-boiled practicalities for another day. Be a dreamer, visionary, idealist.

Today may mean for you a big step forward, or it may throw you. It will depend on how you handle things. It is not easy, because it has nothing to do with practical affairs. Today you are offered a bridge to Gods - shown to you so you can show it to others! It is the Light of the World - for the World. This day brings no personal rewards except through service and healing. It demands the expression of your best. It "shows you up" as you are. Today you are open to the mastery of life.

Your Daily Cards

Mars Day

The motivating force behind conflict, activity and sex, Mars rules physical energy and action. The card in Mars expresses the strength and direction of the physical force that drives our ego. Mars fires our emotions, but it also powers our mental endeavors and communicative skills. It governs energy, strength, courage, life-force and expansion, male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges we are likely to encounter. Mars is the cosmic engine of growth. A force of fertility and reproduction as well as destruction, Mars shows that sometimes we need to destroy in order to create: to tear down, in order to build anew.
Nine of Diamonds
Pluto Card
King of Hearts
Your creative side is awakened. Be practical in all you do. Extravagance can cause dissipation and loss of money. By the end of a day, you will feel drawn to your family, ready to protect and defend them against any adversity. The love vibration is strong, and if you are looking for a mate, you could very possibly find a suitable candidate.
Two of Hearts2   is your Mars Card. Action, Agressiveness, Impulsiveness.

Romantic date, followed by coolness or quarrel, but soon recovered.

Six of Clubs
Five of Hearts
Two of Hearts
Four of Diamonds
Six of Diamonds
Ten of Clubs
Jack of Spades

Universal Day 18/9

Public affairs considered. More tolerance. Friendly relations.

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