Saturn Indexes Have Been Changed

We have changed the attraction and intensity indexes for the Spiritual Saturn connections (correlated to "criticism"). If you have used our compatibility calculator before, and you do have spiritual criticism with someone, you will notice a slight difference.

As much as we think of Saturn as a malicious planet, many relationships are blessed to have Spiritual Saturn connections especially when you tend to develop the spiritual side of you. While communicating with a person, who is Saturn to you might be hard (who likes to be criticized and remained of their flows and faults?), there is no greater teacher than someone who is Spiritual Saturn to us. Previously, the index of attraction for mundane and spiritual Saturn were "-5" and "-2", we decided to reduce the spiritual Saturn indexes to "-3" and "0" forward and reverse accordingly. The same applies now to intensity indexes which were dropped to "7" and "5" from "9" and "9". 

This change will affect the way we look at all correlating to Saturn relationships. Saturn relationships are often seen between family members, and that is right as Saturn represents bold and uncompromising father determined to make us good even against our will. We may or may not appreciate his lessons. We might be terrified by his power, or we may learn and become better. Saturn respects those who are true to themselves. But for most of us, Saturn makes relationships unbearable, - you need a lot of love to compensate this strong influence. 

Should you stay away from people that aren't your parents or kids and who are Saturn to you? I would, but not from the spiritual Saturn. It might not add much to your compatibility, nor to the attraction, but certainly useful if you're looking for a good guidance and overview on your spiritual progress. 

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