First Impression Vs. True Identity

In fairy tales, a princess is always saved by a handsome prince. There is a rare girl who didn't like to watch those beautiful romantic love scenes. As adults, we are said to be more rational, but we are not the only ones who are playing the princess-prince scenarios in life. Guys perform this game with the same intensity as we do.

Almost all men dating themes are based on ability to present a prince personality, and this is how we, women get deceived by our own imaginary plays. The real identity may be very surprising if not shocking. It is not a big "dating secret." All of us are tend to look the best on the first couple of dates. But women do it a little bit differently than men.

In Destiny Card System the Prince plays out as the personality card Jack. All guys, except those who are born under the crown cards, Queens and Kings, impersonate the Jack at first stages of dating. Some men believe that women depend on them to be princes - smart, energetic, young-hearted, ready to compliment, and lie... Jacks possess a spirit of an adventure and freedom. And, of course, they don't mind to show off their royal potential. And yes, some men become Kings; others never do. There is a difference between mature and immature men. At this point, the system becomes more precise.

Be definition, you can't rule a Kingdom of another suit. So, all guys in Hearts suit become Jacks of Hearts - princes of the love kingdom. Clubs men play the role of the Jack of Clubs - the realm of creative minds. Diamonds turn into the Jack of Diamonds - the country of values and wealth. Spades transform into the Jacks of Spades - the kingdom of initiation and labor. This camouflage is not just about to change your perception of your partner's personality, but what's more important, it gives you completely different perspective on your relationship. For example, you may believe, he is generous. Is he? You may think it's all about love and romance. Is it? On a contrary, you may not like him in the role of Jack - but he might be the best man you ever met in your life! In general, your likes and dislikes at the first stages of dating may have nothing to do with reality.

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July 18, 2019 8:21
Francis Adebisi

I really happy today to my name meaning

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Yeah its that me

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Pamela Page

I agree Pamela's , it's all true, even for me, now I understand my name and me

July 15, 2019 15:01
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Hello all Pamela's , hugs

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I like what my name means, I'm proud to be a Pamela, I was born being French German , Irish , Russian and English, and born on January 27 1967,

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Wow!! Love my name like crazy. I think I will like to named all my kids Darlington

July 15, 2019 4:40
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Diko mawari may meaning pala ang name ko,totoo pa tlga lahat, nkakataba ng puso

July 14, 2019 22:33
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thank God that my daddy name me francis,That why am like this thats definitely my lifestar

July 14, 2019 9:25


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