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If you have Pluto (Challenge) in your relationship chart, learning the Greek myth about Hades (Pluto) - the God of the Underworld and beautiful Persephone can help you to understand things you will experience with your partner. We all have the card, called Pluto card in the life spread. We may not feel it when we are young, but later in life (for most of us at the age of 40) the hidden forces of Pluto start to intervene with out psych. When you meet someone who is Challenge to you, he or she can make your life a dangerous place, very exciting, edgy, but pretty scary. You'd feel like Persephone - being powerless and controlled, and there is nothing you can do about this feeling except you may find some compromise - leaving three months of a year in the Underworld with her dreadful husband Hades - the angel of death, and the rest - returning from the land of dead to her mother Demeter. Three months is the winter season and it is also a suit of Spades, both symbolically associated with the mystery of death. The myth about Hades and Persephone teaches that there are things in life we have no power over, and any one of us can be trapped in the underworld of our hidden fears and desires, but there is always a way out.

The prime instinct of every living being is survival, and this is often mistaken with the fear of physical destruction (death). But the fear in any form is destructive and opposite to survival. When we "fear", our emotions blur our mind, and the more emotional we get, the less of our mind we use. In highly fearful state our brain waves frequency raises from the regular Beta (20 Hz - Beta starts at 13 hz, but we usually operate at 20 Hz) to 35-40 Hz, where our mind loses its rational - an ability to make clear decisions. The rage and the fear - two powerful emotions experiencing at 35 and higher brain frequency. That's when the most dangerous things are done. Your Pluto card is the card of your prime fears. Initiated by another person, it leads to the most horrifying part of your psych and your brain frequency rises sky high. You feel trapped, as Persephone, and fighting back trying to gain control is the worst thing you can do at this point.

But that's what happen to most people who's Pluto card is constantly stimulated. Many abusive relationships are based on the principle of Hades and Persephone. There is also an association between abusive relationships and sadomasochism, but of course, the extremity depends upon individual implications.

Psychologically "healthy" people shouldn't be afraid of digging deeply into their fears, because even we all have some hidden issues, we inherent an ability to stay in control of our emotions, and the power to overcome though rational understanding. In this scenario, Pluto relationships help us to develop our character and built our strength in situations when we feel powerless. It teaches about life after death.

When we talk about being spiritual, we mean that one should truly understand who he or she is besides a pretty face or a masculine torso. We can believe we are strong and powerful, but no one can outsmart a bullet. Our prime survival can be threatened in different ways. We afraid of losing money or job because of the basic fear of starvation. We afraid of losing control, because then, we believe, something horrible will happen, and this horrible is a probable perspective death. We afraid of losing someone when we think our life will end with this person. The realization that death is inevitable part of life does't help much, at least it never seem to help me, as the realization of spiritual immortality does. The realization of being spiritual substance can perhaps help you dealing with your fears, because when your body dies, you are just moving forward to new experiences. Can anyone threaten you guts, when you are in this state of mind?


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