How to Choose the Right Partner

How to Choose the Right Partner

When we are young, all we can think are love and success. Or, success and love. Girls conversations never go wrong. Are you married? If you don't wear a ring on your finger, you are probably not. Not just yet. Are you planning to? "Oh, yes, of course, I am. When the right person comes along."

For a modern woman, marriage is not an equivalent to success. You are not required to answer the Bridget Jones famous "How is your love life, dear?" Marriage is not the top of priorities anymore, but love is. It is important to have a high-quality partner. How do you know he will be good for you? How can you tell he is right or wrong? How do you put all pieces of a puzzle together? "I'll just know" - you say. We base our decisions on intuition but does it always work in our favor?

If you've got a little glimpse of astrology, first you are likely to look at is your seventh house, the house of partnerships. Who is likely to be your mate? Besides feelings of love and comfort, our partner needs to fit our social and financial expectations. No matter how cute or ugly, poor or rich your partner will be, you will be spending the same amount of time and energy comforting him (or her), taking care of his clothes, boosting up his self-esteem, and dealing with a daily routine.

Successful business people know that no matter how much you charge for your service or product, you put the same amount of efforts servicing your clients and get the same amount of headaches. No surprise that the seventh house in astrology stands not only for relationships and marriage but also for business. Certain combinations of planets in the 7th can make you a successful lawyer, or a diplomat. The same combination can also destroy your married life.

When it comes to marriage, we are dealing with an unknown territory where compromise is inevitable. 7th house is the opposite to the 1st; our inpidual selves. When we are young, we think marriage is about love. And while it is, in some ways, the concept of marriage is far beyond than simply just love.

There are many shades of life. In astrology, the life on this earth is categorized in twelve realms or twelve houses. There is yourself, your ambitions and goals in life. There are your career, your children, your spouse, your health and your fortune. And there is loss and pain. All of those are equally important for happiness, and when we get less of one or the other, we feel a lack. It can be a lack of health, or lack of a loving partner, or lack of skills or abilities. But if you can find yourself successful at least in one realm - you are lucky! Not everyone is born to be happily married ever after. Not everyone is born to be a president of the United States. Some people find love. Others don't. And that's okay. Unless you try to live up to a comforting stereotype.

We live up to our expectations. No matter how small or big your dreams are, if you get seventy percent of your imaginary goal, you'd feel accomplished beyond your dreams. Get it straight. Dream big.

Healthy ambitions bring fruits. Don't cheat yourself out of happiness. As it comes to the relationships, be a business-like. You obviously don't want to end up in a poor neighborhood with no resources to pay your kid's tuitions. Money is an illusion in many respects, but life, the period between the moment we are born and the second we are dead, is also an illusion. It doesn't matter how much money your date makes..? It might not matter when you are twenty, but if there is no potential for growth or a healthy ambition, there will be no growth and no success. Dream big.

He doesn't have to be thirty years older to be rich. He doesn't have to be ugly to be faithful. He doesn't have to be abusive to be strong. In astrology, we speak a lot about fate. Are you fated to be rich, or famous? Are you fated to be porced, or happily married? There is a free will. Still. Not much as you think there is. It is why we can predict so much from merely glancing at the chart. But there is not as much fate as we anticipate either. There is a certainty in one respect. If you dream big, you get less, but when dreams are tiny, you get nowhere.

Everything in life matters. Don't cheat yourself of love, but don't let go of success.

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