Love Calculator. Part 1.

Love Calculator is the fun way to get an idea how compatible you are with your partner. Most people do not realize how accurate the results of love calculations can be if it is built on knowledge beyond the science of relationship. Unfortunately, most love calculators online are products of computer geniuses, which makes the entire experience amusing and pointless. And yet, we crave for clear answers. We want to know if someone we love feels the same about us. We are looking for someone to confirm our intuition. But before we can trust the results of the Love Calculator, we need to trust the system behind its formula.

The simplest way to calculate love compatibility is to compare the numerological values of your and your partner's birthdays and names. Numerology gives us several numbers to compare. The most significant numbers for love compatibility is the Soul Urge number, also called a heart's desire number (what we truly crave in life) and your life path number (lessons we are forced to learn). Incompatible "numbered" people initially more attracted to each other, but who is willing to coop with someone who doesn't share our core desires and goals? For example, for Jenny with a "5" soul urge number, a variety of self-expression is essential. She will not allow any limitations of her ideas or ways of thinking. It will be challenging for her husband Joe number "6" give a "5" freedom she needs. It will be challenging to Jenny because she will feel limited and stuck in a rut with Joe. Does it mean this relationship will eventually lead to porce? Not necessarily. What if Joe's life path number is "5"? It makes him highly compatible with Jenny because he is learning to be free and he needs this experience. It is a great example of basic numerological compatibility. But it will be a huge mistake to tag all the 5-6 couples incompatible.

If you are interested in numerology, you know that most love books include descriptions of basic compatibility primarily on one-digit numbers. Using our example above, all 5 - 6 couples are considered incompatible. Is it true? Of course, it is not. Why? Because most single-digit numbers are a result of a reduction of two-digit numbers. There is a difference between life path numbers 32 and 41; even they are both reduced to the basic life path 5. It is a difference between life path numbers 51 and 24. If for example, Joe life path is 51, the number 5 affects the way he learns his life lesson. It makes him inventive and full of ideas. He tends less to fall into a rut and have co-dependency issues than someone with a life path 24. While number 51 is contradictory, it makes Joe more compatible with Jenny.

The temporary vibrations called cycles and pinnacles should be taken into consideration as well. Each period can last 26 years, and if your personal goals are incompatible, it will take you apart. After all, numerology is a great basic evaluation tool for love compatibility, and even we take into consideration all different levels of numerological values, it is still not enough to give an accurate answer.

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