Three of Diamonds
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Natalia Goncharova (Pushkina)

Birthday: September 8, 1812
Three of Diamonds   Life Path: 29/11/2   Attitude: 17/8
Natalia Goncharova (Pushkina)Nataliya Nikolaevna Pushkina-Lanskaya was the wife of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin from 1831 until his death in 1837 of a duel with Georges d'Anth├Ęs. Natalya was married to Major-General Petr Petrovich Lanskoy from 1844 until her death in 1863.
Natalia Goncharova (Pushkina) Personal Life
Natalia Goncharova (Pushkina) and Alexander PushkinNatalia Goncharova (Pushkina) and Alexander Pushkin are married since 1830. They have four children together.
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