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Six of Hearts - Year Card

Six of HeartsAll Sixes have a particular significance and mission in life. Six is the Double Trinity, - the divine is reflected in the human. Number Six is the number of a Soul. It stands for beauty, harmony, order, and completion, - the "Law and Order." Having this birthday means that you have a passion for everything being in the right place. You are a natural diplomat who needs involvement with others where you can share you warm charm, intuitive intellect, and the friendly responsibility of well-being of others. If Six misses fundamental realization of their definite purpose in life, they develop selfishness and lack of initiative.

Six of Hearts represents the Law of The Love - the Christ principle, which itself entails sacrifice and selflessness. They are the most stable and dependable of all Sixes. They are emotional and affectionate but emotionally intense. No one can sweep them off their feet. They have good mental balance and good judgment if they practice it.

For Six of Hearts, love for home is essential, and when it established, they want to keep it forever. There is a tendency to be somewhat easy-going, and the love of ease, comfort, and harmony often makes them stay away from a life that involves a struggle. Practicing and teaching the law of love can bring them the highest satisfaction in anything they do. They know how to love, how to give to be loved.

Six of Hearts usually have no difficulties in making money, but might be worried they will not have enough for complete satisfaction. They want to look prosperous and communicate with people of means. Partnership in business is essential but must watch out sharing a financial interest with others. They have set their sense of values and will not change it.

Six of Hearts Quotes

Carlos Castaneda “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” - Carlos Castaneda

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The number 6 has a special significance. It represents the "Law and Order" and also associated with a Karmic Law of cause and effect. Number 6 is a perfect number, symmetrical in all parts, the number of the Soul. Therefore, people of number Six have a special mission in their life. Sixes is obligated to hold justice and truth very high and most of them do it naturally. The biggest challenge of Sixes is in their tendency to laziness and monotony, an enemies of growth and progress. Those sixes who flee their responsibilities, refusing all adjustments, preferring action to protection, selfishness to love, freedom to responsibility, gain the effect of their doings in this lifetime. Others, who follow the law, obtain the wonderful contentment and serenity associated with number Six. Six is a natural diplomat who needs involvement with other to share his or her warm charm, intuitive intellect and friendly responsibility of well-being of others.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Hearts correspond with our childhood - Spring season, the element Fire, the Youth and Love. Hearts represent early association with family and friends, first love. As a Fire, Hearts are able to sacrifice for country, family, friend, cause. Hearst rule art, music, poetry, any pursuit of beauty in any form. Hearts signify emotions. They rule closest relationships: parent-child, love, marriage, friendship. People who born under the influence of Hearts suit act and look very young. They are opt to be dramatic and entertaining. They are very romantic, idealistic in love, and highly sensitive. Hearts make the most affectionate lovers and friends. Their sensual nature can make them among the greatest artists, poets and musicians.
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