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Ten of ClubsIn your past lives, you have developed healthy mental attitudes and established security by stabilizing, controlling your emotions and reactions to the events in life. As a result, you appear strong internally. 10 of Clubs symbolizes knowledge, its acquisition, and dissemination. It stands for mental processes, approaches, and reactions, ideas and communication, education and mind-training. You can easily apply your knowledge in practical ways. You have no trouble establishing a right sense of values.

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Barbra Streisand
Why does a woman work ten years to change a man, then complain he's not the man she married? - Barbra Streisand

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Gemini, Taurus
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The number 10 is number of Evolution, opening the door to the next level of our journey in consciousness. It is the greatest number, the grand summit of all the numbers. Ten are like Aces, but on the higher level. If your birthday identifies you with Ten, you have all qualities of preceding number from One to Nine. So if any number can assure you for success it is number Ten. Depending on suit, your may find the success through expression in love-power, mind-power, material power and work-related, wisdom power. Ten is the number of Leader. You may help others to find their success as well. You have a tremendous potential to success. People who associated with number Ten are able to excel with little or no efforts, and this ability may create a problem with self discipline, which will be your biggest challenge in life.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Clubs correspond with our school years, the Summer season, the element Air - the functioning mind of man. Clubs are the guardians of intelligence and rule all mental processes, all psychological reactions, all communications, and messages. They argue, debate, spread the news, investigate, record. Clubs rule all forms of education, legal matters, literature and journalism. If your birthday identifies you as a Club, your prime asset is your mind. People who born as Clubs are interested in ideas and ways of communication. They are looking for truth - in and out. They strive to know facts, details and reasons behind anything happen in life. This vital search for knowledge give them the quality of a "thinker". They are able to counteract their emotions and feeling and solve any issue in an effective and rational manner. Clubs are very active and aggressive especially when they want to express their ideas and thoughts. Their prime weapon in life is their mind, and someone attacking their ideas may become the greatest enemy. You will do well in occupations which provide you with opportunity to share your knowledge, mental power with others - such as teaching, law, writing and counseling.
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