Can You Trust Love Compatibility Test?

There are many compatibility tests online, most of them use astrology and numerology to tell how compatible you are. Many simple numerological free "love calculators" created based on unreliable sources and can not be taking seriously. The scariest part that you can't tell which compatibility tests you can really trust. Astrological compatibility reports are the most comprehensive and give you a lot of insights, but after you read the computerized version, you may find yourself more confused than ever. If you seriously want to know how compatible you are with your partner, you must have at least some knowledge in astrology, or consult with a professional astrologer to help you analyze all little pieces of information and explain it in an understandable human language.

Can our love compatibility test be trusted? Most professional Destiny Cards readers have an astrological background, but ask them about relationships, and they will use Destiny Cards system to analyze your relationships. Why? Because this system works every time and really gives your all pieces needed to draw clear conclusions and predict the future of your relationships with someone. As a fact, if you take the computerized astrological compatibility test you will find that planetary aspects reveal the same information as destiny cards connections, but just not in as clear and easy to read format. Our life sequence cards never contradict with astrological natal chart either. An explanation is simple. Destiny Cards system and Astrology are the parts of a same pie, except Destiny Cards are a bit older than Astrology.

You can check your Love Compatibility quite easily. All you need is two spreads - the Life Spread and the Spiritual Spread. Arne Lein in his book "What's Your Card?" explains the order you read spreads, and when you find all your cards, including birth card, planetary ruling card and both karma cards, you just follow the order horizontally, vertically and diagonally to find all connections involved in relationships. For example, if your birth card is Five Of Spades, your Venus Card is Nine of Clubs, your Mars Card is Nine Of Spades and so forth. The strength of connections depends on cards themselves. The Birth cards connections are felt stronger than, for example, connections between karma cousins. Calculating all connections is the main job of program that drives Love Compatibility Test. There might be 8 connections total, or 30 and more in many cases.

When all connections are calculated, we need to analyze all positives and negatives in our relationships. This is when the system of carefully created indexes comes to play. Some connections like Venus (Love), Moon (Family), Special Connection add to the attraction index, others - like Mars, Saturn, Karmic Lessons add to the Intensity Index. Jupiter will of course add to the total compatibility index. When you take the Compatibility Test, first you see is the three main indexes on the top - Attraction, Intensity and Compatibility. Below drawn the compatibility chart with categories of connections. When you get used to the visual look of Compatibility Chart, it becomes easy to read and analyze every aspect of your relationships. Why would you want to know all this information?

Compatibility chart holds all keys to your interaction with another person. If your Criticism Index is high, someone in these relationships tends to criticize another (if you like to find out who will be the critic (teacher) you need to open the full compatibility report). Family (Moon) Index is an indicator for marriage and long-term relationships. It also shows the leadership order. Isn't it important to know which one of you will be in charge of your union, especially when you understand that changing this order of leadership later on will lead to inevitable break-up?

First important index calculated toward Intensity of your relationship is Mars Index. Mars is the planet of action, war and sex. While having highly passionate relationships is great in a short-term, but the maintenance of such relationships require a lot of actions from both of you. Outside activities, sport and active social life can keep you going and attracted to each other, but if you'll get into a daily routine, this great outcome turns into anger, aggression and resentment. Again, your attraction index should compensate your intensity index to create well-rounded comfortable atmosphere.

In some relationships there are too many karmic lessons, rewards or transformational connections that create a lot of pressure. This level is the most hard to recognize and even harder to accept, and for most of us, it hides a huge potential for future break-ups.

It's interesting, but true that low compatibility doesn't mean you will hate each other when you first meet. High Aggression Index (Mars) can make anyone hot and passionate. But if you want to take these relationships to the level of commitment, you must be aware of consequences.

Are you still skeptical? You should be. Any system that is not officially accepted by scientific institutions should be weigh on a scale of your own experience. This is why the psychological system of compatibility is the most trusted, but unfortunately not as useful as metaphysical. Personally, I love 16 psychological types, and fully accept psychological approach to the compatibility of four basic personalities. It works. Except you can make a perfect psychological match and never get along. Why? Because love can't be calculated in terms of Sensors and Intuitives, Feelers and Thinkers. But it can be calculated quite well in terms of spiritual and life connections.

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