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There are two types of compatibility reports you will find pretty insightful. DeLux Love report is the most comprehensive and basically doesn't use a lot of terminology. If you are seriously in love with someone, you will find a lot of helpful information and receive Numerological analysis of your names and birth dates with a timeline based on cycles and pinnacles displayed side by side.

Basic compatibility report is based on a Mystic Book System and excellent if you like to run more than one compatibility report at once and also feel comfortable with a basic terminology of planetary influences. While the DeLux report works only for male - female couples, basic compatibility report is universal. You can check your relationship compatibility with anyone, including your business partners and associates, relatives and friends. It doesn't mean you can't check your compatibility with someone you love, since it gives you all important charts and indexes as the DeLux Love report. You will find many interesting patterns in your relationships with people, and compare how your personal relationship progress in time!
DeLux Love ReportBasic Compatibility Test
PurposeLove, Romance, PassionLove, Friendship, Bussiness, Family
Compatibility Chart
Compatibility Scores
Long-term Indicators
Leadership Scores
Free Initial Test
GenderOnly Male + FemaleAny
Each connectionDetailed descriptionConnections are grouped
Impact of Connections
Personal Traits
Numerology Test
Numerology Timeline
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He Loves Me Not?
Does he keep looking at you when you are around? Does he take an interest in your daily life? Does he remember all small things you've said? There are thousand of questions you can ask yourself to figure, if he loves you or not. But can you know for sure? Even when he says so, how do you know if this going to be a "long-term"? Some people stay together for years to find out it's over. But what if you'll know for sure how your relations will progress?
How do you know if you are marrying the right person?
You might think your found Mr. or Mrs. Right, but you may have doubts. Most of us agree that the "magic" formula of love contains such elements as attraction, emotional support, sex, goals, values, trust and honesty. Checking this list is helpful, but how do you know, if those elements will persist in the future? How can you predict the marriage's success?

Now using this amazing system you can!
For Love or Money? Tough Call?
Money can't buy you love - and love won't always bring you money, either. But marrying someone who doesn't share your goals and values, does not create successful long-term relationships. And, of course, our goals and values are built upon our social status, our family traditions and beliefs. Our ancestors knew it very well. In most of western history, marriage was not a mere personal matter concerning only husband and wife, but rather the business of their two families which brought them together. In Early Modern Britain, the social status of the couple was supposed to be equal. The Roman institution of marriage has been lauded as being the first purely humanistic law of marriage, one that is based on the idea of marriage being a free and freely dissolvable union of two equal partners for life.

There are indicators in the system that finds out if your relationships are beneficial, and if so, who is beneficiary and who is benefactor. This works, of course, if the social status of partners is equal. For ancient astrologers and priests, the mutual beneficence links played the most important role in choosing the perfect match.
"So Much Valuable Information In A Very Easy Step-by-Step Format..."

I found out about the destiny cards a while ago and found it very amusing. But I didn't have a clue there is such an easy way to chart relationships! Why people act with us in a certain way. Why are they mad at you and why are you mad at them!

It is also very nice to know that me and my husband, Jack, were meant for each other. We have mutual beneficent connection on our report, and also long-term relationships indicators. Even after 20 years of marriage, you never know, right?

My son performed the whole school experiment on his own and discovered some interesting facts about his friends and teachers. He is 16 and he is totally excited to get insights of his interpersonal relations and especially, in an area of leadership. This system helped him to realize, that there is "nothing personal" when someone is competing and arguing, when someone gets angry and frustrated with you in life. Good idea for a teen!

My family relations improved so much since I understood how important we are to each other, how we relate to each other and what role am I personally playing in everyone's life. My friends, my enemies, my first love. I don't have to twist my fingers anymore and believe some relations will work just fine. I don't want to spend my time with people who are potentially critical of me. Now I need to know birth dates.

Very happy and satisfied,
Jessica R, CA
Why Is He So Critical Of Me?
"He seems to always criticize things or be negative about like everything!! Why is he so negative? How do I stop this? And are all guys like this?"

You can run his shoulder. You can become the most positive person in the world. You can ask him to stop. Would you like to know if there is a reason why he is so critical?
Is He Is The One?
Find out if he is Mr. Right or something to forget about!
Is He Is More Than Just a Friend?
You've been friends since school, but something tells you it might be more. Maybe you have some special link to this person? May be he is the One?
Why Is He So Difficult To Commit?
Some people are "good for commitments", and some are just born to be free. And some people do not want to commit because there are not in love with their partners. How do you find out an answer? What if you both are difficult to commit in a same degree?
The Chemistry Is There, But Relations Are Not?
Check your birthdays. Maybe he is just not available? Maybe he has a girlfriend? But maybe there is no significant connection between two of you whatsoever? You can be attracted to a guy, but is he attracted to you in a same way?
Are You Safe With Him?
We can stay in bad relationships. We can find ourselves in abusive relationships. While others tells you what to do, why don't you find out for yourself? Dominating relationships aren't new to this world. And there is always a reason, why this is happening to women. You can't stop it, until you understand what causing it for you.
"I Haven't Seen Anything Like This - Anywhere!..."
Hey guys,

I want to say thank you! I was ready to start-up a new business with one friend of mine, but I had some doubts about him. Thanks God, my girlfriend showed me your site. In a process of checking up all my connections, I realized that John had the same exact card as my previous partner, who ripped me off two year ago.

I am not into mystic things. But when you get something so valuable - I'll use it on a heartbeat. Who can afford to have wrong type of people in his business? Now, when I'm getting use to an idea, I am planning to use it more practically, in hiring new employees, choosing business partners. It really works! I spent many hours and created the full list of people I knew in my life to make sure how accurate this system is, and more I learn, more I amazed by its preciseness. Good Job!

Best regards,
Robert J, NY
Is He What He's Saying?
When you first meet a guy he can make you feel special and loved. He gives you flowers and tells he will be always in love with you. Would he'll be the same person a year later? They say, you can live with a person for many years and not know who they really are. There is also saying, that you can find each other true colors when you break up. Do you really want to wait that long to find out?

When you first meet, there is a rule that works for any man. Of course, he wants to be in his best. He will be nice, loving, witty, unwired, or serious - almost any way he believes will melt the ice of your heart. But what you see, in most cases is not what you get.

Today, he is the nicest guy in the world. But is he able to hold on his responsibilities in the future? Would he be willing to support you financially? Can he understand your goals and share your dreams? At a start, you can be highly attracted to each other, but later on this attraction can turn into fights and irritation. Sometimes you'll never be able to see any of his faults, and sometimes you'll not be able to accept a lot of things he does in life. Relationships can turn to be very comforting, or a total nightmare. And you'll be asking yourself: "How did it happen? We were just so great together!" But in truth, the picture we get from a start is far from reality. Hopefully not "way too far".

Of course, there are some guys, who never change their ways. They are truly one of a kind. They have no need to prove their manhood to anyone. There are others, who will never "grow up". But mostly, men are unconsciously playing a game every time they fall in love. They can't avoid it. You could never predict it.
Except now you can.
You can learn as much as you like, or just get quick insights or how you relate to someone.
The information you get is limitless!
Find Out What Are Your Connections To:
Based on the ancient science of Destiny Cards, the system calculates all connections found between two of you and indexes each one of them. Advanced method allow us to show comparison charts, compatibility score, and more. Given in a simple way, it gives anyone an ability to recognize the most important areas in your relations, either beneficial or problematic. We were able to gather mathematically the entire spectrum of information about everyone on this earth and lay it out in a simple, very intuitive way. There is almost nothing mystic in this system, and yet, you can see information that until recent times was preserved the secret from public.
Are You Born On December, 31?
As an axiom, the last day of a year has a value of Zero in the system. People who were born on this day, can be anyone they want, choose any birthday they like or switch as they pleased. People born on December, 31 are not in the system, and so no relationships can be calculated for you.
What If I Don't Believe in Karma?
You are not alone. Ancient philosophies are built on concept of reincarnation. This topic came into the biggest arguments only since times of Christianity. Karma is the concept of "cause" and "effect". If you believe in a single life you are still "causing and effecting". Many people believe that the segment between two points of life - the birth and the death - is all that matters. And this is true. You may believe in preexisting memory of your ancestors instead of previous life. Or believe none of above. Relations between people are not going to be any different. You can write about it in different words and languages, but love, hate, criticism, obsessions, passion, friendship, partnership, feelings are the same as it was thousands of years ago.
Can I use This System Outside Of Romantic Relations?
As a fact, this system helps in any area of our social life. Many people are using it:
"Yet, those emblems that were help too sacred to be touched with profane hands, and were looked upon with awe by priest and neophyte, were destined to be trampled upon by coming nations, and become a byword and reproach in high places."
"And when the Seven Thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me, seal up those things, uttered by the Seven Thunders, and write them not."

"And I took a little book out of the Angel's hand and devoured it; and to my taste it was sweet as honey; but as soon as I had devoured it, it became bitter into my inside."

"And he said unto me, you must prophecy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings."

Revelation X, 4,10 and 11.
"I can't believe how accurate your system works! Wow! I had my astrology reports done, but there is too much irrelevant information. Your system is so cool. I'm having a blast! Recommended to all friends. "

Donna, NY
We all know Pythagoras theorem from the basic Geometry. Pythagoras spent 22 year in the East to gain an access to the arts and sciences of the priest and Magi, to whom all the knowledge of science was then confined.
"The Copernican system, which is now universally adopted by all mathematicians and astronomers, is not only the true system, but also the oldest system in the world. It was introduced in Greece and Italy about 500 years B.C. by Pythagoras. But from the accounts of his disciples, it is evident that he had received it from more enlightened nations, who had made greater advances in the science of astronomy."

Ryan's Astronomy, New York, 1831
As stated by Olney Richmond, first of all recorded metaphysicians in science of ancient symbolism of cards, describes Atlantis as civilization where astrology "reached its greatest development, and the knowledge formulated was passed over to Egyptians." According to his work, the organization that kept and preserved the secret was called the order of Magi.
"The original cards were carved on ivory tablets and used exclusively by the priests in the temples in Atlantis. Later, the tablets were moved to Egypt to help preserve the human race."

Olney Richmond
From the time of Atlantis... came the smallest book that fit in a palm of your hand. The book that reveals your past and your future. The book that holds the knowledge of many generations. Repressed and excommunicated from a church, this little book was preserved by humans in a way it was 20,000 years before the birth of Christ. In addition to the great length of time that has elapsed since its invention, the ancient and secret order that alone understood and used this mystic book, diligently guarded the sacred emblem from the knowledge of the outside the worlds.
"There is happiness and there is rightness. I can't teach you how to be happy. But I know how it feels when you do the right thing."

Jennifer Allen
"I can't describe how lucky I felt when I found your system. I calculated my ex-s, my mother, my dad, my son and all of my friends and relatives. I lived with my ex husband for almost five years, but truly I never felt comfortable. He is actually a good, decent man, and no one understood why I was divorcing him. When I opened our report, I saw that the intensity of our relationships was two points higher than the attraction between us. I was stunned! Our level of criticism was extremely high! Yes, I never criticized anyone so strongly in my life. On the other hand, he is a guy, who doesn't talk much, but he use to give me "this look", that made me feel so miserably stupid. Well, from now on I am not getting to date anyone until I find out his birth date! "

Elizabeth, WY